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Last update 2016/10/13

Are you interested to visit Tokyo but couldn't find any good sources? Need an advice to your plan from a local people in Japan?

VisitJapanPlaces is launched just for you.

I am Yohei, a Japanese man working in Tokyo over 7 years. From my very personal point of view, I select good places in Tokyo from countless numbers of ones so that you can get around Tokyo more easily. (If you like my selection!)

If you need an advice, feel free to ask me any questions about your concerns on your trip to Japan via Twitter:

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I am a contents creator/marketer for a Japanese e-commerce company selling Japanese entertainment products to the people over the world. I love playing the guitar, listening to the music of all genres, and surfing through the net. I am currently fully immersed in BABYMETAL and Perfume.