How It Goes: Itinerary Checking Service by Japanese

Hi, I'm Yohei, a Japanese guy working in Tokyo for over 7 years.
Thank you for visiting my "Itinerary Checking Service by Japanese" page.

Basically, I offer you 3 things:
1. Advice on WiFi/SIM best fit to your style.
2. Check on your itinerary
3. Advice on places/things you should do in Tokyo (ex. Accomodation, Events)

As for 1, I will suggest the best service from the comprehensive Japanese WiFi/SIM service list I made.

As for 2, if you give me your itinerary like the following, I will check it in detail.
Japan Trip Itinerary Sample Template

At any case, if you give me more personal information about you (favorite food, music, chronic conditions, you name it),
I can give you more detailed info exclusively for you.

After several times of email consultations,
you'll get far more useful itinerary based on your interest with tons of info.

Of course, you can consult me via Twitter about concerns you're facing when you are in Japan.

This service cost you 100$ (PayPal or bitcoin available)
Feel free to ask me more about the service through HERE

If you feel it pricey, take a look on the samples below.
These are how I replied before to questions on Japan trips.

Sample 1
We will need a pocket WiFi with unlimited 4g.

How about pre-ordering it via a Japanese company beforehand?
You can pickup it almost anywhere, including at Narita Airport, of course.
And in many cases, it will cost you less.

For example:
Mobile Wifi High Speed and UNLIMITED DATA USAGE 14 days Rental

They offered WiMAX+2, not 4G, but it still will work almost the same as 4G.
Technically, WiMAX+2 is strong on cities but weak on rural areas.
But according to your itinerary,
you will get connected through the whole as you mainly go cities.

Just in case, I searched a connectivity in Arashiyama, Kyoto,
which seemingly is the most rural area on your itinerary.
And I realized that WiMAX+2 service area covers the place.

I put their service area search page (in Japanese):

If you want me to search for other areas, just let me know.

Sample 2
We are into photography so we are looking for rooftop locations
so we can capture the city from a different perspective.
We also like to capture photos at night of empty streets.

As for rooftop locations, summarizes well.
I just add the link for your reference.
Other than that, how about the followings:

Yurakucho: Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan’s Garden Terrace
Tokyo: Shin-Marunouchi Building Marunouchi House Terrace
Asakusa: Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center Viewing Deck

Harajuku: Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku

As for photos at night of empty streets,
you will come across a lot if you just take a several minutes walk
from the stations in Tokyo.

Among the stations,
I recommend that you should go Harajuku
because they are ralatively safer than others such as Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, and Shibuya.

I just add one of my favorite Instragram accounts
which focuses on Tokyo's streets at night.

Sample 3
We'd like to visit some lounges like
Library Lounge THESE, coffee shops, and plant shops like succulents.

How about these?

Coffee Shops:
Sasayuri Cafe
Shinjuku BERG
Cafe De L'Ambre

Plant Shops:
*Located at the 7th floor of Toyku Hands Shibuya.

Sora Botanical Garden Project Information Center and Cafe


My Brief Profile:
I am a contents creator/marketer for a Japanese e-commerce company selling Japanese entertainment products to the people over the world. I love playing the guitar, listening to the music of all genres, and surfing through the net. I am currently fully immersed in BABYMETAL and Perfume.