hanare (Yanaka)

If you get tired of a super modern metropolis side of Tokyo, come to the east, especially to around Taito-ku, Sumida-ku, or Bunkyo-ku where still have the traditional Japanese shitamachi scenery. Small shops, sento (public baths), friendly local people . . . you will be relaxed with the atmosphere the places have.

hanare is located in Yanaka, a popular area in Bunkyo district, and was established in 2015 as a renovated hotel, using a 50-year old house. hanare literally means "a building separate from the main building." But for hanare, the main building is the whole town itself. Once you get introduced to the town by their concierge, just wandering Yanaka by the dawn.

Namehanare (Yanaka)
Category Accommodation
AddressTokyo 3-10-25, Yanaka, Taito-ku HAGISO Google Map

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はなれ hanare HAGISO 谷中