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In Huber., you can talk about your trip casually with Japanese local guides via web chat. If you are interested in their sugges…

Tokyo Nights That Will Calm You Down


Aerial Arterial—Tokyo From Above (At The CONFLUX Part One)

English Speaking Staff? Use Multiple Language Restaurant Guide, GURUNAVI


As of today, a multiple language version of GURUNAVI is the best website for searching restaurants in Japan, which is available…

The AMDA International Medical Information Center


If you get sick or injured in Japan, their service must help you a lot more than anyone in the country. The AMDA International …

Offline Free Wi-Fi Spot Search? Use NAVITIME for Japan Travel (App for iPhone/Android)


Must-have app for getting around Japan made by NAVITIME JAPAN, who awarded a top developer by Google. In addition to route sear…

Safety tips


Want to get around Japan but have a slight worry about natural disasters? This app will ease such worry by alerting you Earthqu…

72 Seasons (App for iPhone/Android)


It would be probably the same all over the world that people tend to be hard to remember all the historical/traditional things …